Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 41st Monthsary!

past 12 alr.\
i was counting, i thought i counted wrongly :x
how time fliesssssssssssss

this was what i was wearing today.

and, cotton on is having this sale, you know i can't resist sales :(
so i pick 3 tees.
ignore the inner tank, it looks good from the front and back, but weird on the sides

this is quite low i have to pull the sides to make it look like an off shoulder -.- pretty troublesome, but i dont have a shirt that is this colour :/

i like this but i have a yellow top thou.

i decided i should only get two, so i put one back,
then before queuing, i thought i should only get one.
then while queuing, i put the other one back -.-
sian! i got many other stuffs to buy, i should getting things that is not on my list.
rah :( pick one for me leh :(

anyway, i like my nails (:

me: help me pour water leh.
sister: no! go pour youself
me: nails not dryyyyyyyy~ chiu sheeeeeeee~~~~~~ *pouts*
sister: arghhhhh! i hate you
what an good excuse eh :D

met ronnietan at ard 1, cause some idiots slept damn early.
like 8plus 9am in the morning :/
fell asleep while waiting for him to get up.
had a nightmareeeeeeeeeeeee D:
woke him up and grumble, and he uh huh abit here and there and went back to sleep :/
i think he thought he's dreaming.
i wanna sleep till damn late tmr!

Drink 500ml of water everyday at 1pm - Men's Health
ps: you think i wanna read men's health meh, i got nth better to do after i got up from my MOR-LENG mare :/

gonna make everything short and sweet.
fuck, all those i type gone -.-
got honey lemon from ZTP while buying wheat grass for mama.
damn thirsty.
me: mummy, you use that 'shi feng tang' to make honey lemon is it?
mummy: how you know?
me: smart maa, okay, tmr i go get lemon, i make it myself

'cause quite some weeks ago..
sister: mummy, you veryyyyy long never cook honey lemon for us liao hoh
mummy: fridge got space is it? cook liao put on your bed uh?
us: :(

1 bottle should be hokay right :D
doesn't take up a lot of space~
wheeeeeeeeeeeee. sure belly nice (:

ps: i think mel's gonna kill me :/
me: then house? :(
mel: how. not house, not hows. omg
me: :( house?
mel: how. lol. must learn!
me: hokie
mel: OKAY. wle -.-
me: hahahahaha
mel: faints

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